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Data and infrastructure

Our platform uses multiple cloud providers and subprocessors to run Flat. To provide the best performances, security, and service, these providers and datacenters are located in multiple countries. We also replicate data across multiple countries.

Domain names

If you're using restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, you or your network admin will need to allow (whitelist) certain domains to ensure Flat and related services work as expected.

Allow these domains for Flat and related services provided by our company:


Infrastructure providers

Flat uses the following providers for its production infrastructure:

Provider & Entity CountryHosting Country
Amazon Web Services Inc. (US)US
DigitalOcean LLC. (US)US, GB, NL
Wasabi Technologies, Inc. (US)US, NL
Cloudflare, Inc. (US)Earth


In order to provide our service in the best conditions, we use the following sub-processors. You can find for each of them, the service provided a short explanation about what we do provide through them.

Subprocessor NameServiceUsage and Country
Amazon Web Services Inc.IaaS providerWe use Amazon Web Services for their data storage and email service (in the US).
DigitalOcean LLC.IaaS providerWe use Digital Ocean for their compute and data storage (in the US and the Netherlands).
OVH UK Ltd.IaaS providerWe use OVH for their data storage (in France and Canada).
Wasabi Technologies, Inc.IaaS provivderWe use Wasabi for their data storage (in the US and the Netherlands).
Cloudflare, Inc.IaaS provivderWe use Cloudflare for their CDN, and cloud storage of non-personal information (Worldwide)
Google LLC.PaaS/SaaS providerWe use Google for G Suite, Google Cloud, Firebase and reCAPTCHA.
FrontApp, Inc.SaaS providerWe use FrontApp for our support tool.
Stripe, Inc.Payment providerWe use Stripe to process payments on the platform.
PayPal Holdings, Inc.Payment ProviderWe use Paypal to process payments on the platform.
Xero (UK) Ltd.SaaS providerWe use Xero for the accounting and invoicing of our company.
Mixpanel, Inc.SaaS provider We use Mixpanel for internal product analytics.
Peaberry Software Inc. DBA Customer.ioSaaS providerWe use Customer.io to send communication by email and in-app.

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