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What is Flat for Education?

Flat for Education is designed to empower music learning and teaching for students and educators around the world.

Through our powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation platform, our mission is to develop students' capabilities in music theory, composition, and performance in an engaging and educational way.

Flat for Education provides teachers the tools they need to boost classroom creativity while helping manage their classroom by easily tracking their students' engagement with each assignment as well as their work and overall progress.

The story behind Flat for Education

Tutteo, our parent company, is a music-tech company founded by 4 musicians & developers who were tired of all the old-fashioned and expensive solutions the market was offering.

That's how Flat was launched in 2015. The team was using Google Docs but at the same time having to send sheet music by email. The goal was to create an equivalent tool for music notation: collaborative with real-time editing across devices, really easy to use while still powerful, with a simple interface accessible to all. That's why we created Flat (♭), the first multi-platform music notation editor.

After receiving tons of feedback from educators around the world, it became clear that a new education-focused product had to be built. With Flat for Education, teachers have the opportunity to organize their music scores by classes, activities, and students. Creating assignments became easier, and it is now possible to provide live feedback to students as they progress. And let's not forget about the integrations: Flat for Education allows teachers and schools to easily synchronize with many useful tools such as Google Classrooms, Teams, Canvas, and more!

You can follow our story and updates on our blog.

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