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Embed your first music score or tablature

Discover here how to add your first interactive music score into your website or blog using our embed.

This basic embed (responsive notation, playback and more) is completely free. If you are a developer interested in more customization and embeddable sheet music editor, check out our dedicated product and its documentation.

1. Create or Host your sheet music on Flat

To embed a document, this one will need to be hosted on our platform. Create a free Flat account to create it directly online, or import an existing MusicXML / MIDI file. If you need to help to create this first score, check out the related article.

2. Embed it

Check out below the dedicated help article for website or app where you want to embed it. If you need the HTML code for your website or a website supporting some custom HTML, you can directly use our code generator. If the website/app is not available below, please contact our support and we will help you with our embed.

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