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Embed your music notation in Google Sites

The new Google Sites allows you to embed any custom HTML code. That's a good opportunity to embed interactive sheet music on your own website!

1. Create or import your sheet music on Flat

To insert your Flat score in your Google Site, you will need a Flat account if you don't have one. You can then upload your score using a MusicXML or MIDI file, or directly create it online using our web-based music notation software. Check out our dedicated help if you need more information.

To get the link to your sheet music, go to the My library or the Score Editor, click on Share and choose Copy private shareable link.

Score private link

If your score is public or is shared with people, click instead on the link icon to copy it.

Score public link

3. Insert into your Google Site

To insert the notation into Google Sites, choose Insert > Embed on the right of your screen:

Google Sites embed

Then paste the link to your score, and click on Insert:

Insert custom code

You can then adjust the size of the score, your music notation will magically fit the size you choose. This is great if you want to add, for example, some text or another media beside your notation.

Adjust the size of the responsive music notation

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