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Create your first music score

To create your first music score with Flat and start writing your music notation or tabs, create a free account on our platform.

1. Open the score creation tool

Once logged into Flat, click the "New score" button in your library.

Create a new score (My Library)

2. Choose the document title or import a MusicXML/MIDI file

After opening the window to create your document, select a title for it, and click on Next.

If you want to import an existing score or tab, refer to our dedicated help section and check the supported file formats.

Choose the title

3. Add the instruments

For the final step, select the instruments you wish to add to the document. We currently offer over 180 instruments, categorized into different groups.

Add the instruments

Tablatures: If you select a plucked string instrument, we will, by default, add a tablature to it. This feature can be diabled at the top of the instrument list.

4. You are all set!

Now, you're ready to create your music notation. Browse the following pages to explore our interface and input your first notes.

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