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Audio & MIDI Experience

Every score created on Flat comes with audio and MIDI capabilities. Our ultimate goal with these features is to make our users feels like they are playing with and listening to real-world instruments.

Audio Experience

Listening, through the use of our real-time playback engine and audio export. They both aim to reproduce instruments sounds and music notations with the identical level of high fidelity.

We are aware that this is a challenging goal, and that even the most realistic audio rendering may not suit what one may expect. That's why Flat also offer track synchronization, that replaces the native playback with any imported audio file or media URL, and MIDI Output, that allows you to replace individual instruments by your own virtual instruments.

MIDI Experience

Playing, thanks to Flat's MIDI input capabilities, through a step mode and a live recording mode, that make it more easy and intuitive to input music.

Through all these features and capabilities, Flat aims to create a comfortable and reliable environment during your composition experience and your musical explorations. We hope you they will help your compositions skills reach new heights!

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