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The Resource Library

The Resource Library is an area designated for teachers and administrators with accounts, where they can view all their assignments. To access the Resource Library, navigate to the left-hand side menu on the Flat for Education dashboard. Once there, you can take advantage of features like Sample Resources, importing assignments, creating new assignments, and organizing them into folders after they've been created.

Resource Library Homepage

1. Sample Resources

What are the Sample Resources and how to use them? First of all, open the Resource Library and click on the Sample Resources on the top of the page.

Flat for Education offers helpful resources such as sample assignments to support educators in using the platform. These resources were carefully selected by the Flat for Education team in collaboration with teachers from the community.

To use any of these resources, simply open the desired folder (Worksheet, Composition or Performance), browse through the assignments and add the one you would like to use to your library by clicking on the Add to my assets button.

Add Sample Resources to my library

2. Create a new assignment

To create a new assignment, open the Resource Library, and click on the + New assignment button. You will then have the choice between Worksheet, Composition and Performance assignments.

New assignemnt button

  • Composition: For any assignment using our music notation editor. Your students can start from a blank score, a template, or work on a collaboration.
  • Worksheet: Auto-generated and auto-graded music theory exercises. Simply choose the subjects you want to assess and you're good to go.
  • Performance: Audio recording assignments.

Please visit our dedicated help pages for each assignment type mentioned above for more detailed information about them.

Start by naming your assignment. This assignment name will be displayed every time Flat for Education refers to this assignment.

Choose an assignment name

You can then add instructions for your new assignment. They can either be text that you add directly to the assignment or an attached file or link. You can attach all the resources you need: documents, presentations, videos, audio files, read-only scores, etc. You can also chose to add extra settings, depending on the assignment type.

Add instructions

Once your assignment is ready you can save it to your Resource Library.

3. Use assignments in classes

Once an assignment has been created in the Resource Library, you might want your students to complete it! All you need to do is add this assignment to your class.

Click on the desired assignment and then on "Use in class". From here you can select the class or classes to which you want this assignment to be copied.

Afterward, you will have the option to select a publication date (the default publication date is "now"); Select a due date; Assign students (either all students of a class or select a few of them).

If you are adding assignments to numerous classes at a time, you can set the same publication (and/or due date) for all classes using the dedicated checkbox.

Then, click on Publish and that's it! Your assignment has been copied and added to the class(es).

4. Edit an assignment

You can edit assignments in the resource library at any time. To do so, open the Resource Library, find the assignment you wish to edit, click on the three dots next to the assignment, and "edit".

Edit assignment

If you edit an assignment in the resource library and this assignment is already assigned to a class, it won't change your assignment in that specific class. Edits are only saved in the location they are edited!

How do I edit an assignment already assigned to a class?

You can edit assignments by opening them from a class and clicking on edit. Please note that you cannot edit the publication date. Also, once a worksheet assignment has been assigned to a class, the questions can not be edited (only the overall settings).

5. Preview assignments

Once your assignments have been saved in the Resource Library, you can view them as your students would. Read more about it here.

Video tutorial

For more information on how to navigate the different assignment types, watch these video tutorials!

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