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The Resource Library

The Resource Library is your central hub for managing assignments in Flat for Education. Easily find it on the left-hand menu of your dashboard. Here, you can create, view, and organize all your assignments.

For better organization, group your assignments into personalized collections (folders). Feeling uninspired? Dive into pre-made sample assignments (FFE assignments) for a jumpstart or fresh ideas. Collaboration is key! Share assignments with other teachers in your organization to save time and work together seamlessly.

The Resource Library helps you get organized and create a streamlined workflow. Let's explore how it's structured to maximize its benefits!

Resource Library Homepage

1. Navigating the Resource Library

There are three sections in the Resource Library: "My assignments", "Shared assignemnts" and "FFE assignments". No matter which section you're in, a powerful filtering system lets you refine your search by subject, grade level, and assignment type. This ensures you can quickly find the perfect assignment to fit your needs.

1. My assignments

This section stores all the assignments you've created yourself, making them readily accessible. You can navigate between the "assignment view" listing all the individual assignments and the "collections view" listing the various folders you created.

2. Shared assignments

This is your collaboration hub! Find assignments shared by colleagues within your organization, as well as assignments you've shared with them. Here as well you can navigate between the "assignment" and "collections" views.

3. FFE assignments

This section contains pre-made assignments that were created by the Flat for Education Team. They help you get started, find inspiration on various assignment possiblibilies and showcase some extrea features within each assignment type.

These assignments can be used by any teacher and edited to fit your specific needs!

2. Steps to sharing assignments and collections

Steps to sharing and un-sharing assignments

  • Share: From My Assignments, hover over an assignment, click the three dots, and select Share. Fill in the details and click "Share". The assignment appears in "Shared Assignments" and is marked as shared.
  • Un-share: Hover over a shared assignment, click the three dots, and select Unshare. Users who previously saved the assignment will still have access to it in their libraries.

Share and Unshare assignments in the Resource Library

Steps to sharing collections

To share an entire collection (folder) with others, hover over the desired collection, click on the three dots available on the top right corner, and click share. This grants them access to the assignments within the collection in their library. The assignments will be available in two locations:

  1. Collections Section: Grouped together within the shared collection.
  2. Assignments Section: Listed individually alongside your other assignments for easy browsing.

Steps to adding shared assignments to 'my library'

Identify the assignment you want to add to your library. Click +add and choose Add to My Assignments to incorporate the desired resource into your library. From there, you can easily access it to open, edit, or assign it to your classes whenever needed.

Adding shared assignments to 'my library'

3. Create a new assignment

To create a new assignment, open the Resource Library, and click on the + New assignment button. You will then have the choice between our various assignment types.

New assignemnt button

Explore our detailed guide to create a new assignment.

4. Use assignments in classes

Once an assignment has been created in the Resource Library, you might want your students to complete it! All you need to do is add this assignment to your class.

Click on the desired assignment and then on "Use in class". From here you can select the class or classes to which you want this assignment to be copied.

Then, you will have the option to select a publication date (the default publication date is "now"); Select a due date; Assign students (either all students of a class or select a few of them).

If you are adding assignments to numerous classes at a time, you can set the same publication (and/or due date) for all classes using the dedicated checkbox.

Then, click on Publish and that's it! Your assignment has been copied and added to the class(es).

Use assignment in a class

5. Edit an assignment

The Resource Library lets you edit assignments anytime. Simply find the assignment, click the three dots, and select edit. This applies to both your creations and shared assignments you've added.

Edit assignment

Changes you make to assignments in the Resource Library won't affect existing assignments already published to your classes. Edits are only applied to the original assignment in the library.

How do I edit an assignment already assigned to a class?

You can edit assignments by opening them from a class and clicking on edit. Please note that you cannot edit the publication date. Also, once a worksheet assignment has been assigned to a class, the questions can not be edited (only the overall settings).

5. Preview assignments

Once your assignments have been saved in the Resource Library, you can view them as your students would. Read more about it here.

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