Offline mode

Flat can be used offline as well, it's a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means you can re-open a score, edit it and even print it without having an Internet connection. Your changes are synchronized to Flat when you are back online.


To use our webapp offline to write a score:

  1. Be sure you have your web browser up-to-date (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge).
  2. Open the editor with the score you want to work offline
  3. That's all! The app can be used offline.

Once offline:

  1. Re-open your web browser at
  2. Only the scores that can be opened will be highlighted in your Library (see below).
  3. Open your score and keep editing it without the Internet.
  4. Once you will be back online, be sure to re-open the document so the changes made offline can be saved in your Flat account.


The following main features can be used while you are offline:

  • Access your Library.
  • View the recent scores you opened on Flat with our public sheet music viewer.
  • Use our complete editor including playback, print, PDF/MusicXML/MIDI export, MIDI devices and output.

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