Flat provides more than 100 instruments to its users, discover here how to use them, customize them in a score, and create your own instruments configurations.

Score creation

When creating a new score, you have the option to add one or multiple instruments, from our provided list or your own custom instruments.

The chosen instruments are displayed on the right of the screen, they will be added to the score in the displayed order. You can drag and drop them to sort them.

Add the instruments

If you want to create a TAB, check the displayed option "Tabs mode". Tablatures can also be turned on or off later in the instruments settings (see below).

Changing instruments in a score

Instruments can easily be modified in an existing score. To open the instruments settings, click on the name of a part or on "Manage instruments" at the bottom of the instruments list, after clicking on the round instruments button on the left of the toolbar.

Change instruments

The instruments configuration window allows you to:

Create custom instruments

You can use custom instruments configurations to create and save personnalized instruments configurations in your account. This allows you to quickly re-use configurations without having to manually set the parameters to every score you create.

This includes:

  • Pitched instruments: Staves, Clefs, Transposition, Tablature, Tuning, Sound, Part name and abbreviation.
  • Unpitched instruments: Number of staves lines, the different percussion instruments, their places and heads on the staves, and custom keyboard shortcuts to input the notes.

Instrument templates

As shown above, you can select your instrumentation by manually choosing the instruments. Additionally, we offer a series of instrument templates that come with pre-selected instruments for various genres like jazz, pop, rock, choirs, etc. You just need to choose the template you want to use, and you're all set.

Instrument templates

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