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Share and collaborate

You can use Flat for Education to share your sheet music and collaborate in real-time with other people on your music notation projects. Start to choose a privacy level for your creation, then invite other collaborators. You can also publish your scores on our platform, or embed them on other websites.

Sharing settings for a score can be adjusted on the Library page and in the Editor.

Basic sharing mode

Collaborate or share a score with someone

In the sharing settings, you can add multiple other Flat users to work with you on a score. You will be able to edit the same document at the same time, or separately if you want to. Three levels of permissions are available when sharing a score with someone:

  • Can read: The other Flat user will be able to open the score and use inline comments to give feedback.
  • Can write: The other Flat user will be able to edit the score, but won't be able to change the sharing settings or delete it.
  • Can admin: The other Flat user will have complete access to the score, including changing sharing settings and deleting it.

Collaborate with someone

Privacy levels & Sharing mode

Every document on Flat has a privacy level that you can change on the Library page or the Editor. You can use the following privacy levels with any Flat account:

  • Private: Only you can read and modify your score.
  • Private sharing link: Similar to private, but the score will have a private and read-only link. You can disable and change this private link when you want, just make the score private.
  • Public: Your sheet music is public on the Internet.
  • Public in the organization: Only the logged user from your School will have access to your sheet music in read-only.

Privacy level

Publish your score on Flat

Publishing a score makes it available on the Internet and our entire community. You can discover recent content and popular sheet music shared on Flat.

To publish a score on Flat, click on "Publish on Flat" in the sharing settings and add extra information to increase its discoverability on our platform. You can unpublish a score anytime by making it private.

Embed your score on another website

To embed a score to another website, switch its privacy to Public or Private sharing link, then paste its link in your Embed Generator. You can also check out or full embed documentation to customize the embed, use our JavaScript API or even use Flat as an oEmbed Provider.

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