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Custom Keyboard shortcuts

You can customize the editor shortcuts directly in the music notation editor.

To view existing shortcuts and edit them, open a score, then press
, or click on the "?" icon on the top right of the editor, then click on the Customize button on the bottom of the shortcut dialog.

Edit keyboard shortcuts

From there you can add new keyboard shortcuts or editing existing keyboard shortcuts.

For new keyboard shortcuts, you can pick up an action among hundreds of actions available. Actions that take a variable input can't be used at this time with a keyboard shortcut (e.g. pitched notes, transpositions). If you are looking for an action that is not available in the list, please let us know what you want to use, we regularly add new actions.

When adding actions that are specific to pitched instruments, tabs or unpitched instruments, you can re-use the same keys for a different context, they will only be active in the context they can be used.

By customizing your shortcuts, you will also get future shortcuts updates made by our team, except if your shortcuts are using the same keys than our default config. In this case, your shortcuts will have priority over our default config.

You can reset the keyboard shortcuts anytime if you want to come back to the original config.

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