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Measures Numbers

To customize the measures numbers policy, open the Layout Settings.

Layout settings button

All the following options are available in the Measures Numbers block.

Measures Numbers Policy

In the Measure Numbers settings, you can decide where the measure numbers appear. They're usually shown at every system, but you have the option to display them at every measure or hide them altogether by choosing the option "never".

Measure numbers block

Start numbering after an anacrusis

If you have an anacusis in your score and want to start numbering the measures after the anacrusis, you can activate the option that will shift the measures numbers.

Number measures after anacrusis

Custom measures numbers

When you're working on projects with multiple files, e.g. different movements, you might want to begin numbering the measures from a number greater than 1. This way, it can match the structure and flow of your project better.

In the Measure Numbers block, you can choose to start the numbering at a different number by enabling Start numbering at ....

Start numbering at

How to remove the measure numbering

If you don't want measure numbering in your score, under the Measures Numbers settings, you need to enable the option never.

Hide measure numbers

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