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Text styles

Flat lets you customize the styles of the different text elements in your scores. To customize the text styles used in your score, open the Layout Settings, next to the print button.

On our desktop web app, this is usually located on the right of your screen, or in the "Document" toolbar. On our mobile app, click on the edit button on the top of your screen.

Layout settings button

Changing the default font family

In the Layout settings, scroll to Text styles. From there, you can set the default font family used for all the texts in your score.

Changing the default text font

Adjusting specific texts styles

You can also change the font family for specific text types (e.g. only the title of the score), and also adjust the weight (i.e. bold), style (i.e. italic) and the size of the font.

List of text types

For every specific text type, you can adjust the settings:

List of text types

About font sizes

The sizes of the different texts can be set in two different units: points and staff space:

  • Points (pt) is an absolute unit that you usually find in text editors. By default, we use this unit for text elements like the title and the subtitle that are not directly linked to your staves.
  • Staff space (sp) is a relative unit to your music staves, literally the space between two lines of the stave. By default, we use this unit for text elements that are linked to the staves, like lyrics and chords.

Fonts Library

Most of the fonts provided on Flat are Open Source fonts that are directly served by Google Fonts.

We also provided the following Open Source fonts on Flat. Some of them are alternatives and metric-compatible fonts from proprietary fonts.

Font FamilyLicenseAlternative to
Nimbus RomanSIL Open Font LicenseTimes New Roman
Nimbus SansSIL Open Font LicenseHelvetica
Nimbus MonoSIL Open Font LicenseCourier/Courier New
URW GothicSIL Open Font LicenseCentury Gothic
URW Century Schoolbook LGNU GPL v2Century Schoolbook
Petaluma ScriptSIL Open Font License-

Implementation notes: Default fonts

Before March 2018, the default font was Noto Serif. This default font has been changed on March 2018, and the new one is now URW Century Schoolbook L (licensed under GNU GPL v2). The Noto Serif font remains available in the list of font families.

When using the music font Petaluma, the default font will automatically be set to Petaluma Script.

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