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Rename a score part

Once you created a score, you can rename the parts in the document settings. To manage the instruments and part settings, click on the instrument button on the left on the toolbar, then click on "Manage instruments".

Manage instruments

Then click on the "Edit" button next to the part you want to edit. You can also directly click on a part name if this it is displayed on the page.

Edit part

You can then change Instrument name and Abbreviation. The name is displayed on the first system, and the Abbreviation is displayed on the next systems.

Edit part name & abbreviation

Hide / Remove part names

It is possible to remove the part name displayed on the score. Use the method above to edit the part name, and set an empty name to the part. This will hide the name of the part on the notation, and it will be displayed as "Instrument N" on the different interfaces.

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