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If you've never tried Flat for Education with Canvas, check out our introduction here.

Welcome to our Help page! This resource is designed to provide solutions to the most common queries related to using Flat for Education in conjunction with Canvas. If you can't find the answer to your question here,please ask our team!


What steps are necessary for my students to activate their Flat for Education accounts and synchronize them with Canvas?

When using Canvas with LTI, the accounts are created when the students open Flat for Education, from a Canvas assignment for example. You don't have to do anything else than posting content in Canvas.

It is recommended to configure the Canvas integration in the desired classes, so only the students who need it will be able to access it. Otherwise, there is a risk that students not enrolled in music access Flat for Education and take licenses.


When I try to set up a new assignment on Canvas and go into Flat for Education, I'm stuck with an empty resource library and can't make a new assignment. What should I do next?

Looking to fill up your Resource Library with assignments? Simply log in to your Flat for Education account and generate the assignments within your Resource Library. Afterward, when you access Flat for Education through Canvas, all your pre-made resources will be right there at your fingertips.

I made an assignment on Canvas, but it's not showing up in my Flat for Education account. What could be the issue?

To ensure the assignment appears in your account, it's essential to load the assignment, prompting the creation of a linked copy within your account.

Does Flat for Education show the student's Overall time on an assignment?

At the moment, Flat for Education does not calculate the overall time spent on an assignment.


How can I reset student submissions on Canvas once my students completed the Flat for Education task?

Access Speed Grader, expand the grading window, and select 'Reset Student Work'.

I created a music theory worksheet, but it is not automatically graded. What can I do to active the automatic grading feature?

To activate the auto-grading feature, you need to enable grading within your assignment settings in Canvas, during the assignment set-up.

How do I send grades over to canvas once they are graded in Flat? I have the app integrated/installed in Canvas and students can access their assignment that way but the grades from flat don't show up in Canvas.

Set up the assignment directly within Canvas. Students can access this assignment from Canvas, which will open a new window for Flat for Education. After completion, the grades will sync back to Canvas. Ensure that grading is activated within the Canvas assignment settings to capture the grades seamlessly.

Resolving Cross-Listed Class Submission Issues

When managing cross-listed classes in Flat for Education, teachers using Canvas can face challenges in sorting through combined submissions from cross-listed classes.


SpeedGrader in Canvas offers a solution for navigating cross-listed classes and their assignments:

  1. Assignment Visibility: SpeedGrader displays active student submissions based on Gradebook settings. Inactive enrollments can also be shown according to Gradebook configurations.
  2. Streamlined Class Viewing: Utilize SpeedGrader to cross-list classes within Canvas. By accessing SpeedGrader, you retain the familiar Flat for Education interface and options. The added functionality allows for the selection of specific classes to view, streamlining the process and enabling focused visibility.

Steps to Use SpeedGrader for Cross-Listing:

  1. Access SpeedGrader within your Canvas course.
  2. Navigate to the Flat for Education window.
  3. Choose the desired class to view submissions, providing a refined scope for managing assignments.

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