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Flat for Education with Google Classroom

Flat with Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom for your music courses? Flat for Education is the best solution to create any music notation activity in Google Classroom. From music theory to music composition and real-time collaboration, Flat for Education provides seamless integrations with Google Classroom and other G Suite apps.

Discover the benefits of using Flat with Google Classroom and why thousands of music teachers are already using our product.

1. Start using Google Classroom on Flat in 3 minutes

Effortless integration and quick setup! Select the classes you want to integrate with Flat for Education. We'll take care of setting up accounts for your students and managing roster updates seamlessly. Your students and colleagues can sign in directly to your school's dedicated account with one click using their G Suite for Education accounts.

2. The same experience as Docs or Slides, but with music notation

Effortlessly create assignments with Flat for Education in just a few clicks! Experience collaborative notation tasks similar to Docs or Slides, along with the option for multiple-choice questions. Explore a variety of assignments that cater to your teaching preferences!

3. Onboard your students directly from your Google Classroom Stream

All your Flat assignments will show up in your Google Classroom Stream. Your students just have to click on the posted assignment to start working on their project. Unlike other music notation softwares, Flat for Education is very user-friendly: your students will quickly be adding their first notes to their music creations.

4. Live feedback

Once your students begin their assignments, you can immediately view their progress and offer real-time feedback! There's no need to wait for them to submit their work; it's readily accessible to you on Flat for Education.

5. Streamlined Submission Process

Students can turn in their assignment directly from our web-based music notation software. We will then bring them back to their submission on Google Classroom.

6. The submissions on Google Classroom

Once your students send their work, you can review and grade the submissions from Google Classroom or Flat for Education; the same information is available on both apps.

With one click you can view your students' work on Flat for Education, even if their submissions are not turned in yet. On our review page, you can give live feedback using our inline comments and grade their submitted scores.

7. Get help anytime from our product team

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Have any questions about Flat for Education or need help getting started? Drop us a line, our product team is always available for you!

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