Flat's Team App

Flat is a cloud-based music notation app, available both on the web and mobile devices. With our Microsoft Teams app, you can quickly share any music score from your Flat account to a Teams Group or Chat as an interactive tab. Other Teams users can access it with one click, without their needing to sign into Flat.

Get started with our Teams App

To get started, get our Teams App from Microsoft AppSource, or directly in Microsoft Teams by adding a new Tab to your Teams Class or Chat:

  • Click on the "+" button to create a new tab in your Teams Group or Chat
  • Choose Flat in the list of apps available.

Once the configuration dialog is open, you can either:

  • Sign into Flat using your Microsoft account and choose a score from your account.
  • Directly paste any Flat public link or private sharing link without the need to sign in.

Create a Flat tab in Flat

Once your interactive score is added as a tab to your group or chat, any participant can view it, play it using our playback or an external audio/video device, and directly print it from Microsoft Teams.

Flat's Teams App

You can also replace the score in the tab with another one, or rename your tab with your score name if you'd like:

Edit Tab in Teams

Go further with Flat for Education

If you want your students to create their own music scores or use Flat for your assignments, easily sharing scores as templates or creating group collaborations, you can use Flat for Education with Teams.

Sign up with your Microsoft Teams and sync your Teams Class rosters with Flat for Education in a few clicks. Learn more.

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