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Getting Your Students Started on Flat for Education

Once you've created your first assignment, how will your students experience Flat for Education?

Keep in mind that your students won't know about their access to Flat for Education until you share a link or an assignment. So, if you only synchronize the roster, nothing will appear in your Google Classroom course. Also, we don't send any onboarding or marketing emails to your students.

Onboard your students

There are various ways to introduce your students to Flat for Education through their Google Accounts. Here are a few options:

  • If you posted an assignment to their course, they will have a direct link to the activity on Flat for Education. Upon signing in, they will directly get to the assignment you shared with them.
  • If you synchronized a course on Flat for Education, their account will be provisioned and they will see the course upon connecting to Flat for Education (from our homepage or via app / link).
  • You can also give them the direct link to your Flat for Education website (e.g. https://my-school.flat.io). They will see a "Google Sign in" button on the page that will allow them to sign in.

Assignments in their Google Classroom stream

Once you've posted a Flat for Education assignment, students will see a direct link to Flat for Education. Using this link they can use their Google account to sign in and will have direct access to your activity.

Assignment with a template or collaboration

Once they open the copy of the score or create a new score for the assignment, their work will automatically be attached to their submission on Flat and Google Classroom. You also have access to their work anytime in Flat, allowing you to give live feedback on their work before they submit it.

Submission started

Turn in

Once your students complete the assignment, they will have a "Turn in" button at the top of the editor. They can then confirm that the assignment is done and Flat will bring them back to their Google Classroom Classwork page.

Turn in Button

Turn in Dialog

Video tutorial

For more information about the student experience on the Google Classroom integration, check out our related video tutorial!

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