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Flat for Education with Microsoft Teams

Flat with Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams for your music courses? Flat for Education is the best solution to create any music notation activity linked with Teams. Discover our two integrations with Microsoft Teams: our Teams app and Teams Classes roster sync.

Flat for Education's Teams app: Share interactive sheet music in Teams

The Teams app seamlessly integrates with your Flat for Education account, enabling you to effortlessly share any document as an interactive music score directly within your Teams group or chat. Enjoy the convenience of accessing and collaborating on musical scores within your Teams environment.

Flat's Teams App

Microsoft Teams Classes roster sync

Flat for Education is an easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation software that you can use for any music notation assignments, from music theory to music composition. Our assignments feature allows you to easily give copies of a template to your students or organize live group collaborations.

All of your students can sign in with their Microsoft accounts to Flat for Education, and our sync with Teams Classes allows you to quickly sync your existing rosters from Microsoft Teams. In a few clicks you choose your Teams classes that will use Flat for Education, and your students will be able to start their first activity on Flat with one click.

Select classes to synchronize from Microsoft Teams

Video tutorial

For more information about the Microsoft Teams integration, check out our related video tutorial!

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