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There are different tools to transpose your music notation with Flat, based on what you want to do:

If you want to learn how transpositions work, check out our blog post about Transposition.

Transpose a complete part for a different instrument

The easiest way to transpose a complete score part for another instrument is to replace the configuration of the part with the instrument you want to use. Replacing an instrument will take care of any needed transposition, and will also change the sound of the playback and other settings.

Some examples when you can use this feature:

  • You have a Violin part and want to transpose it for a Trumpet in Bb.
  • You have a transposed part for a Trumpet in Bb and want to have the part for Violin.
  • You have a transposed part for a Trumpet in Bb and want to transpose it for an Alto Saxophone.

To transpose your part, go to the instruments settings by clicking the instrument button on the left on the toolbar, then click on "Manage instruments".

Manage instruments

Then click on the "Replace" button next to the part you want to transpose, and choose the instrument you want to use. If the previous or the chosen instrument is a transposing instrument, the part will be transposed for the new instrument.

Edit part

If your initial part doesn't have the correct transposition configuration, you can use the transposition feature below to apply a custom transposition on the part.

Transpose a selection of notes by Interval, Key or Semi-tones


You can transpose a selection of notes by Interval, Key, or Semi-tones using our transposition tool available in the note toolbar. This tool works with a selection made in a single or multiple parts.

If you don't make a selection before using the transposition tool, the transposition will be applied to the complete part where your cursor is located.

Transpose by Interval, Key or Semi-tones with Flat

Transpose the whole score to a new key

You can select all the score crtl+shitt+A / cmd+shift+A and then transpose followings the steps above.

Transpose using keyboard shortcuts

You can quickly transpose one note or a selection of notes using keyboard shortcuts:

Transposition shortcuts

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