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How to add a dead note on Flat


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What are dead notes?

Dead notes (also called muted notes) are mainly used with guitar and bass tabs and are represented by an "x" replacing the commonly used elliptic note head. On tablatures, the "x" symbol replaces the fret number.

Dead note & tabs

Dead notes are played on guitar and bass by resting two fingers or more on a string and then striking that string. It will produce a non-pitched rhythmic sound.

Add a dead note on Flat

Select the note you want to turn into a dead note, then open the "Note" menu and click on the dead note tool. To turn a dead note into a regular note, use the same icon in the toolbar.

Dead note

Playback interpretation

Dead notes are interpreted by Flat for all the instruments in the plucked strings category.

Flat automatically includes a set of dead notes sound samples with each guitar and bass, with a different sound for each string and each category (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass).

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