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Add/Remove a Mordent


Inverted mordentOrnamentInverted mordent
Long mordentOrnamentLong mordent
Inverted Long mordentOrnamentInverted Long mordent
Long mordent with above approachOrnamentLong mordent with above approach
Long mordent with below approachOrnamentLong mordent with below approach
Inverted Long mordent with above approachOrnamentInverted Long mordent with above approach
Inverted Long mordent with below approachOrnamentInverted Long mordent with below approach
Inverted Long mordent with above departureOrnamentInverted Long mordent with above departure
Inverted Long mordent with below departureOrnamentInverted Long mordent with below departure

What is a mordent?

A Mordent is a rapid alternation of a principal note with the one above or below. A Mordent always starts and ends with the written note. This ornament can either be Short (alternation of three notes) or Long (five or more), depending on the notation above the pitch.

How to add or remove a mordent?

First, select the desired note. Then, in the Ornament toolbar, click on the Mordent icon. You can change the length and direction of your mordent as you wish.


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