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Slash/Rhythmic Notation



Slash section

Slashes are used in a section to indicate that the performer is free to improvise. The slashes in the measures follow the meter, and there are chord indications above some slashes to indicate which notes to use for improvisation.

Slash notation

The slash section will replace the previous content, not taking into account of pitches, rests or durations.

Enabling Slash notation

Rhythmic notation

If you want more granularity on the rhythm of the slashes, you can use the rhythmic notation instead.

Rhythmic notation

The rhythmic section will replace the previous content by slashes, but will keep the durations and rests.

Enabling Rhythmic notation

When you are in the rhythmic mode, you can add/remove slash the same way you are adding notes, and you can change the notes/slashes durations.

Rhythmic edition

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