Note: Currently, our playback does not recognize bends. This means you will see the notation on your score/tab, but you won't hear the corresponding sound. For more information on our playback features, check out the dedicated audio playback help page.

What are bends?

Bends is a freted instruments technique, which consist in pulling the string in order to raise the pitch.

How to use bends, pre-bends and releases on Flat?

You will find bends tools under the TAB toolbar. There are three tools for bends on Flat:

  • Bending is used to increase the tension on the string, so the pitch get higher.
  • Releaseing is used to decrease the tension on the string, so the pitch get lower.
  • Pre-bending means that there is already some tension on the string when playing the note.

Here are some simple bends configurations.

Simple bends

You can also mix the pre-bend with bends or release.

Pre-bends combinations

The best stuff is when you start playing with ties. You can make really interesting bend patterns:

Complexe bends patterns

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