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Add Hammer on / Pull off


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What is Hammer on / Pull off?

Hammer-on and pull-off are techniques used in playing stringed instruments like guitars. These techniques are commonly used to add fluidity and variety to melodies, and they're a key part of many styles of music, especially in rock, blues, and classical guitar playing.

Hammer-on: This involves quickly pressing down a finger onto a fret to produce a higher pitch without picking the string again.

Pull-off: This involves plucking a string with a finger that is already pressing down, producing a lower pitch.

Add Hammer on / Pull off

You can can add Hammer on & Pull of by clicking on the corresponding tools available in the "tab" toolbar. To remove, click on the same icon again.

Hammer on / Pull off

Bear in mind that the two notes connected by the Hammer on / Pull of must be in the same string. If needed you can change the string assigned to a note.

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