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ChordsTextDotCtrl + K or + K

What is a Chord?

In music, a chord is system of letter notation representing a set of pitches. On Flat, you can quicly write chords above your notations using our Chords tool available in the Text toolbar.

Getting started with Chords on Flat

To start inputing chords above your music notations, focus the note where you want to start adding your chord, then open the "Text" toolbar and click on the Chords icon or use the keyboard shortcurt Ctrl/Cmd+K.

A text field will appear at the selected location where you can start writing your chord, a suggestion box will then show up recommending chords related to the input.


View the list of chords available

Adding guitar chord grids

To add chord grids to your document, you can enable the grids to the document in the instrument settings. They will be displayed below all the chords you add for the part.

Chord grid

Symbol notation

If you want to use the triangle and the minus sign, instead of the m for minor chords, and maj for major 7th chords; you can specify it on the layout options.

Enabling Chord Symbols

Chords Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to the next chord or Enter
Go to the previous chord
Exit the Chords modeEsc

Chords playback

To playback the written chords, you will need to use slash notations instead of classic notes.

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