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The repeat ending works with repeat barlines. Here's how it typically works: first, the player plays the measures between the repeat barline, starting with the one marked "1". Then, when playing again, they skip the measures marked "1" and play the ones marked "2". You can use these techniques to have a group of measures played more than once, or to change which measures are played at the end of a repeat section.

Example ending

Add a repeat ending

You can add or remove a repeat ending by going to the "Measure" toolbar. Choose the first measure of the section where you want the repeat ending, then click on the repeat ending button you want. You can also have more than one ending on a single measure by clicking on the ones you want.

Add an ending

If the repeat ending encompasses multiple measures, you can select a range of measures, then click on the repeat ending button.

Add an ending in a range

These toolbar buttons are toggle buttons: to remove an ending, click on one of the active endings in the toolbar.

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