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Crescendo and Diminuendo


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What are Crescendo and Diminuendo?

Crescendo and Diminuendo are changing music dynamics, which indicate that the volume should gradually increase or decrease. These wedges are symbolized with "hairpins" below the chords.

Crescendo and Diminuendo are signs in music that tell players to get louder (crescendo) or softer (diminuendo) gradually. They look like little "hairpin" symbols under the staff. These signs help musicians add feeling and intensity to the music.

How to add a Crescendo or Diminuendo to my sheet music?

Place yourself, go to the Dynamics toolbar and click on the crescendo or diminuendo button. If you want to change the size of the crescendo or diminuendo, just double click on one of the wedges and you'll see buttons pop up to help you adjust the size. To remove, select the cresc. or dim. and tap delete on your keyboard on click on the cresc. or dim. button again.


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