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Add a Grace Note or Acciaccatura


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What is a Grace Note ?

A grace note ornaments and suspends a given note by taking away half of its time value. Also called appoggiatura, the purpose is to add expression and emotion to the melody. In music notation, the auxiliary note is symbolized by a smaller note placed one step under or above the principal note.

What is an Acciaccatura?

In music theory, an acciaccatura is an ornament, a crushed note played as quickly as possible before a given note. The acciaccatura should either be played before or after the beat. In music notation, it is symbolized by a note with an oblique line crossing the stem.

How to insert a Grace note or Acciaccatura on Flat?

On the Note section, select a note and click on the grace button or acciaccatura to insert it. You can manipulate them such as any other note.

Insert a grace note

Slur grace notes

It is also possible to draw a slur between the grace note and the note it is attached to. You will find the information on this page.

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